How is a Kahoot Created – A Complete Guide Of 2021

Likewise, to use a stack of questions and answers already created, this amazing tool allows creating customised questionnaires in which questions can be added as per the requirement.

If you are incited to create a Kahoot you will be able to make most of the potential in your workfield. It is easy to create kahoot anyone can easily do this regardless of their knowledge of technology.

Kahoot can be created as a Student, Teacher, Socially and at Work. Creating  and Hosting Kahoot as well as to get the additional features in work context is not free of cost business users will require a paid subscription.

Steps To Create Kahoot:

Step 1- Make an account :

  • Visit the link click on Sign up for free button.On the next you will be asked to choose and fill up the account.
  • To set up a personal account fill up your details.
  • Use the Sign in button to Log in in future.

Step 2- Create a new quiz :

Login into your account , now you will be redirected to a new screen , on this screen you will be asked to create a new kahoot in the manner u want quiz, survey or discussion.

In order to create a new quiz to add your players , following steps should be followed:

  1. Click on quiz.
  2. Name the quiz.


Creating question for quiz:

After creating and naming quiz, you have to add questions and answers. Form questions by using the following steps :

  • Type the question as per your selected manner whether quiz , discussion or survey type.
  • You can add image or video complementary to the question to give visual effect .
  • Select the four probable answers.
  • Select the correct answer(s) by clicking on Incorrect or Correct.

Add, copy or delete a question:

Once When your questions have been created you have more options to add , copy or delete the questions from the quiz.

  1. Tab on ADD QUESTION to add a question to the quiz.(Note:You can add question only if the current question is filled and there are at least two choices one of them being correct.)
  2. Tab on DUPLICATE to copy the question page.
  3.  Tab on DELETE if you want to delete the question created in quiz.

Finalize the quiz:

  1. Tab on SAVE and CONTINUE when all the questions of quiz and answers of the questions have been filled.
  2.  On the next screen it is probable to re-order the questions.
  3. Select the default language English.
  4. Select the privacy setting (private only to those who have access to a generated code)
  5.  Choose the primary players.
  6.  Add a description.
  7.  Add tags (if you want)
  8.  Choose among beginner, advanced and intermediate level of difficulty.
  9.  You have an option to add a cover image to the quiz at the final screen.

Step 3- Run the quiz:

After the quiz is prepared players can opt to start the quiz.
1. Tab on play now.
2. Select classic if you want players to compete.
3. Select team mode if players have to answer in team.
4. Game option gives a chance to :
• Randomize the order of questions.
• Randomize the order of answers.
• Display of Game Pin.
• Show the introduction instructions in minimized form.
• Automatically shifting through questions.
• Players are required to re-join after each Kahoot.
5. To run the game click on start.

How to get reports on your computer: 

You can keep the record or reports of the quiz, both on the computer and mobile app. Player’s score can be seen as per the questions they have correctly answered.

1.Visit to login into your account
2.Choose Reports in the top navigation bar.
3. Find the topic of the quiz and time quiz was created (a trophy next to the Date Played denotes a quiz)
4. Select to download or save to Google Drive

You can also view reports in the mobile app.

Visibility of Kahoot:

Visibility of Kahoot can be kept personal so that only you or specific users can access it or can be kept public for everyone.

You can easily edit the visibility of Kahoot by following steps:

1. Everyone: Kahoot created by you will be available in search results on the discover page. Whenever you will post a share link apps like Twitter, Facebook and Slack will preview title, description and cover image of your Kahoot. This can only be done if your Kahoot is saved under My kahoots on the page of Kahoot

2. Only you: Kahoot created by you will not be available in search results on the discover page of Kahoot. To access the Kahoot you must be signed in. This is only possible when Kahoot is saved under My kahoots on the page of Kahoot.

3. Team only(subscription required): only team members will have access to the Kahoot you created which will only appear in your team space. This is only available when your Kahoot is saved under My Kahoot on the page of Kahoot.

4. Unlisted(premium or publishers subscription required): you can post a share link anywhere but your Kahoot will not appear in search results on the discover page. This can be only done when your Kahoot is saved in your team space or under My Kahoots on the Kahoot page.

Finish a Kahoot :

Preview, exit, end and auto-saving,

The preview shows what your Kahoot will look like during a live game. At the bottom of the screen, you can exit preview and go for editing. Switch to a different question or make the full-screen preview.

By using the back or refresh button you can exit from the game. (Note: if you don’t want please make sure you don’t press these buttons otherwise you will have to start from 0 points once you rejoin the game)

When a new Kahoot has created your edits, are automatically saved even if you have not finished. Unfinished kahoots should be saved as your draft named as My drafts listed on the page of Kahoot.

Last but not least, Play your Kahoot:

1. Visit
2. Login with username and password.
3. Press the play ▶️
4. Select if u want an individual or team players .
5. You will receive a pin code on the screen .
6. Guide your players to
7. Pin code and a nickname is to be entered by players.
8. 📰 Press the start button when all players are added.
9. The question will be shown on the screen of admin and the answer categories will be filled by the players using the electronic device they prefer.
10. After finishing the quiz, survey or jumble, the result will appear on the screen.

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