How to Get Kahoot: Play your first game with Kahoot

Kahoot is a learning platform using ICT (Information Communication Technology) that can be used in any field, Hard to discern concepts can be effortlessly revised using Kahoot.

Kahoot allows both creating and using this application. Kahoot is a crucial and highly valued tool with visual effects.Kahoot is a perfect tool for creating quiz and surveys related to a particular topic. Kahoot is easy to use and develops critical thinking in users. It can be used by anyone and Kahoot is free of cost.

While creating Kahoot it is exciting to make questions to be asked with varieties and interesting. Asking intriguing and knowledgeable questions can help to attract players .

Kahoot is an effective tool of information technology that can be used as a game to make learning effective and engaging. Here person of highest score is awarded. Making Kahoot is about formulating an interface or board to play where questions regarding the content are displayed with four possible answers among which one has to be chosen by the player.

Kahoot is free of cost conception having game contour. If you are compelled to Get a Kahoot you will be able to make most of the potential in your workfield.
It is easy to create Kahoot anyone can Make this regardless of their knowledge of technology. KAHOOT is only available in English .


Preparing with Kahoot:

create a free account using the link one of your own account can be created or you can search public games and quiz.

Following types of Questions can be made in a Kahoot

  • Quiz kind:
    True of False
    Type answer
  • Poll kind:
    Word cloud
  • Content kind:

Steps To Get a Kahoot Done:


Step 1- Make an account :

• Visit the link click on Sign up for free button.
On the next you will be asked to choose and fill up the account.
• To set up a personal account fill up your details.
• Use the Sign in button to Log in in future.

Step 2- Create a new quiz :

Login into your account , now you will be redirected to a new screen , on this screen you will be asked to create a new kahoot in the manner u want quiz, survey or discussion.

In order to create a new quiz to add your players , following steps should be followed:
1. Click on quiz.
2. Name the quiz.

Creating question for quiz:

After creating and naming quiz, you have to add questions and answers. Form questions by using the following steps :

1. Type the question as per your selected manner whether quiz , discussion or survey type.

2. You can add image or video complementary to the question to give visual effect .

3. Select the four probable answers.

4. Select the correct answer(s) by clicking on Incorrect or Correct.

Add, copy or delete a question:

Once When your questions have been created you have more options to add , copy or delete the questions from the quiz.

1. Tab on ADD QUESTION to add a question to the quiz.(Note:You can add question only if the current question is filled and there are at least two choices one of them being correct.)

2. Tab on DUPLICATE to copy the question page.

3. Tab on DELETE if you want to delete the question created in quiz.

Finalize the quiz:

1. Tab on SAVE and CONTINUE when all the questions of quiz and answers of the questions have been filled.

2. On the next screen it is probable to re-order the questions.

3. Select the default language English.

4. Select the privacy setting (private only to those who have access to a generated code)

5. Choose the primary players.

6. Add a description.

7. Add tags (if you want)

8. Choose among beginner, advanced and intermediate level of difficulty.

9. You have an option to add a cover image to the quiz at the final screen.

Step 3- Run the quiz:

After the quiz is prepared players can opt to start the quiz.
1. Tab on play now.
2. Select classic if you want players to compete.
3. Select team mode if players have to answer in team.
4. Game option gives a chance to :
• Randomize the order of questions.
• Randomize the order of answers.
• Display of Game Pin.
• Show the introduction instructions in minimized form.
• Automatically shifting through questions.
• Players are required to re-join after each Kahoot.
5. To run the game click on start.

  •   There are several ways to play Kahoot after Getting It . Players will need the following :1.  A personal smart device may be a computer, laptop, mobile connected to the Kahoot! Play It  page or by using the Kahoot app.
    2.  Kahoot! game code.

The game can be played individually or in a team. They can play in a physical classroom or remotely through the following steps :

1. Go to to login into your account.

2. Click on kahoots tab at the top of the menu.

3. In kahoots quiz page:

*select a checkbox of a quiz you want to play

*Click Play

1. Choose classic (player vs. player)team mode (team vs. team with shared devices)

2. The screen will show the game section with the game pin# and guidelines.

3. Students enter game pin #in Kahoot! Mobile app or at on their computer and press enter.

4. Students have to enter a nickname and press ok, go! button which will appear on your screen in the game section.

5. You can now see the students who joined this kahoot! Click start to play the game.

6. Question and answer choices will be at your screen whereas students screen will display answer buttons.

7. Once questions been answered by all the players the correct answer and a bar graph with overall snapshot of class responses will be shown at the instructor’s screen.

8. To move towards next question click next .

9. Top 5 scorers will be shown on the leaderboard at the end of each question.

10. Student’s screen will show personal result and rank whereas winner information will be displayed in the podium.

11. Excel spreadsheet with student’s score and result can be saved by just clicking on Get results.

Points to be remembered:

  1. Remember that there should not be excess of questions and a Kahoot should not be more than 4️ minutes.
  2. To keep continuous record make sure students use to save name each time.
  3. Subsequently completing kahoot allows feedback on the experience they had during the game.

In the recent era of technology, most education institutes are allowing the use of technology in classrooms but finding ways to easily start technology teaching is not easy apart from Google drive and online learning management system Kahoot is the latest addition to classrooms .it offers many benefits in classrooms. Kahoot is flexible and easy to use in various subjects even in physical education .kahoot focuses on social learning to make it fun. If anyone is looking for a new way of effective teaching kahoot is the best tool for them.Kahoot is effortless fun quizzing that can lead to productive appraisal and student reflection if executed in a proper manner. Kahoot permits to focus on the content and makes student not to be demotivated due to lack of ability to solve the quiz if in any case.

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