How to Play Kahoot Quiz Games : Create a Quiz Game with Kahoot

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform used by over 5 million teachers globally. Kahoot has positive impact on study performance, classroom dynamics, behaviours and suspicion. The only  Main challenge during this is specialized crises.

It is free of cost communication tool to a beginner in administering quizzes, facilitating discussions and to collect data of the survey. Kahoot can be used as test type in classrooms. To make learning by game Kahoot is the best tool for teachers and student both, but when you turn something into a game competition comes first which make students more interactive and engaging.

Kahoot is easy to use and entertaining for both teachers and students. On Kahoot, mini-contests can be set and questions with four possible answers can be a type of test for students.Kahoot is an online platform with no cost. Kahoot has two websites one for the teacher to form test and  second for students to follow up test.

How to Play Kahoot Quiz Games


Furthermore, to use a bundle of questions and answers already created, Kahoot allows creating customised questionnaires in which questions can be added as per the requirement.

If you are compelled to create a Kahoot will be able to make most of the prospect in your workfield.
It is easy to create Kahoot anyone can easily do this regardless of their knowledge of technology.

Advantages of Kahoot

  • It has Flexibility of being edited.
  • Can be used in any subject even in physical education too.
  • Enormous means of wisdom to keep students involved because it concentrates on colonial Learning and makes it fun.
  • Susceptible to use.
  • Players don’t need to create account .
  • Beneficial tool for self-examination.
  • It is sharp questionnaire tool.

Instant questionnaires can be formulated by Kahoot.

Disadvantages of Kahoot

  • Kahoot is a time-consuming game. The curiosity to play it, again and again, may take all of your time.
  • There should be a Permanent internet connection wherever you are going go play.
  •  Internet may not work properly.
  • You must be closer to computer or projector any time.
  • For creating of Kahoot you should have fundamental skills of English.
  • Players not having any of the electronic device cannot play one vs one.

Utilization of Kahoot :

1. Pre-made kahoots: you cannot convert the whole education program to digital in a single night. And why should you? firstly you should take advantage of what is already there. if you want to modify the Kahoot, use the 3 dots to copy the action.
2. Self-paced challenges: click on Play and Create a test. Kahoot allows you to create a quiz or test that may take students a month to complete it. It works on a link or students can use IOS or mobile app.
3. Share the link: click on COPY to copy the link and POST wherever you want to share information digitally with students. Google classrooms and Microsoft users can directly share to Kahoot.
4. Live Kahoot: Teaching personally and online both are different concepts. Adding kahoots to your live session through video symposium is a great concept to increase interactivity.
5. Collaboration with other teachers: The best part of playing Kahoot in online classes is that teachers are pulling themselves together and sharing concepts.


To create Kahoot quiz games all you need is a smartphone or tablet. Kahoots can be created in just few minutes because creativity can spark anytime. Here is the step by step guide to release the game designer in yourself: To create Kahoot quiz games all you need is a smartphone or tablet. Kahoots can be created in just a few minutes because creativity can spark anytime. Here is the step by step guide to release the game designer in you:

  • Open the Kahoot app and click Create in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Add a title, description and cover image, just like you do on your pc. You can use an image from your gallery or just click a new one as you’re creating.
  • Select, if you want to keep this Kahoot private or make it visible to everyone or share it with your team (for business users only).
  • Click on Add question and select the question and answer options. Set points for correct and incorrect answers. Set time limit as per the question type.
  • Don’t forget to add pictures and videos Check progress against our Question checklist – it’ll hint if something is missing.
  • Check progress against our overall Kahoot checklist– it’ll assist you with all the aspects of a perfect Kahoot.
    Click on Done – and it’s prepared.

After creating Kahoot fix the Visibility of your Kahoot:

  1. Everyone: Kahoot created by you will be available in search results on the discover page. Whenever you will post a share link apps like Twitter, Facebook and Slack will preview title, description and cover image of your Kahoot. This can only be done if your Kahoot is saved under My kahoots on the page of Kahoot.
  2. Only you: Kahoot  created by you will not be available in search results on the discover page of Kahoot. To access the Kahoot you must be signed in. This is only possible when Kahoot is saved under My kahoots on the page of Kahoot.
  3. Team only(subscription required): only team members will have access to the Kahoot you created which will only appear in your team space. This is only available when your Kahoot is saved under My Kahoot on the page of Kahoot.
  4. Unlisted(premium or publishers subscription required): you can post a share link anywhere but your Kahoot will not appear in search results on the discover page. This can be only done when your Kahoot is saved in your team space or under My Kahoots on the Kahoots page.

Now Kahoot is all set to play:

Kahoot-play-quizPlay your Kahoot:

  1. Visit
  2. Login with username and password.
  3. Press the play ▶️
  4. Select if u want an individual or team players .
  5. You will receive a pin code on the screen .
  6. Guide your players to
  7. Pin code and a nickname is to be entered by players.
  8. 📰 Press the start button when all players are added.
  9. The question will be shown on the screen of admin and the answer categories will be filled by the players using the electronic device they prefer.
  10. After finishing the quiz, survey or jumble, the result will appear on the screen.

    You can keep the record or reports of the quiz, both on the computer and mobile app. Player’s score can be seen as per the questions they have correctly answered.

How to get reports on your computer:

  1. Visit to login into your account.
  2. Choose Reports in the top navigation bar.
  3. Find the topic of the quiz and time quiz was created (a trophy next to the Date Played denotes a quiz)
  4. Select to download or save to Google drive.
  5. You can also view reports in the mobile app.

Whenever you get a great idea just pick up your cell phone and add it to your Kahoot. Creating good questions demands the students to well learn a subject, as they have to come up with the relevant questions. It can develop critical thinking in students. Kahoot can help students to build self-esteem . It is wonderful ICT(Information and communication technology) that can be used in any classroom. Hard to grasp concepts can be easily revised by this ICT. It offers students both the opportunities to create and use this software. It is crucial and highly valued tool in the classrooms with visual effects.
Kahoot is the perfect app to create discussions, quizzes or surveys related to a topic, feedback or for an assessment. Game-based erudition makes it more interesting and easy to use.

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