Kahoot Ghost Mode- Ideas to take Advantage of the Ghost Mode

A new trait of playing game has been initiated which is as always recreational and entertaining. It helps to enhance learning through replay.
This feature is called “Ghost Mode” after finishing Kahoot new a new ” play again” button will be seen on the screen it consists of Ghost Icon. When the button is clicked the same game is restarted as compared to live classes. Players are assembled by their Ghosts. Game is played by Ghosts alongside live players. Answers of the Ghost are as same as the players had entered in the previous game. Rapid response is received in order to increase the chance to enhance the previous scores. It is the best way to encourage players to compete with themselves and with others too. Ghost Mode allows to compete with the previous session players had fiddled.

Ideas of grabbing Advantage of “Ghost Mode

1. Ghost Mode enables to “replay” Kahoot without sign-out and again login.
2. Players can play with the ghost of their yore.
3. Ghosts answer the questions more correctly.
4. Answers of Ghost are apter than the previously velocity of answering.
5. Now there is no need to worry for the players who haven’t performed well in the previous game.
6. Earning correction is possible in Ghost Mode.
7. Players can continuously surpass the next round.

• Quick learning is enabled by Ghost Mode:
Using the “Play Again” button displayed on the recent screen can completely improve and enhance your insight.

• Desk to Desk contest
Using the link shown at the Result page one class challenge against the previous class can be organised.

• Take it at residence:
When the standard of “Send link” is used, you can allow to play in the classroom or at the work field and giving them the Link will allow them to scrutinize and play again at Home.

• Mastery in any subject:
As discussed in Desk to Desk contest learning can be made effective by using ghost mode it allow repetition of something that can be very useful to any learner of a particular topic or subject by revising it again and again.

• Time is the best mentor:
To check the improvement over time ,a link in the results page let the players to play against the Ghost of a Kahoot that was played at the time of starting a topic.

• Kahoot is Worldwide:
Sending and sharing the Ghost Game with any teacher and student coming from across the world is possible by using the characterstic of “SendLink”.

It is clear from the above discussion that Kahoot is growing its potential to by day by introducing new features.

Its nice to use Ghost Mode in Kahoot. If you are new to Kahoot and finding something that can enable you to play it like a pro you can start with the Ghost Mode as discussed in this article. Ghost mode is best for teachers who want to make their students Master of a topic.

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