Kahoot Login Account For Teachers and Students

Kahoot Login : Hello all! Welcome to Kahoot. Kahoot is a one stop shop for all your needs as a student. We have used technology to connect the teacher and students in an all new way possible and boy have we seen people download it! 50 million people across a hundred and fifty countries use Kahoot since our launch in 2013. We have an ever-increasing data base to pick quizzes from or the teachers have the choice to make their own. The best part is it is accessible to a plethora of devices. No matter if you are on a phone, tablet or a personal computer/laptop. As long as you have an active internet connection we have you covered. Just like a traditional quiz we provide four options to the students in a colourful way. We provided each possible answer its own colors and shapes as it pops in their eyes unlike the mundane old design of dual-tone. We also have a smart screen option which can be helpful in presenting in-front of the students.

Login to Kahoot

As the quiz is totally customizable, the topic of the quiz can be anything under the sun. Our music library has been designed to be catchy. We want people to enjoy and remember our application for as long as possible. Technology has been in this generation’s laps since the beginning so they get accustomed to the designs quite easily. Many cultures across the world have embraced our music library and hence transformed it into a meme that has benefited us! So we thank you and hope that we will keep making sure that you enjoy our productions.

The happy-go-lucky environment of the Kahoot app is easy for students as well as teachers across the board but still for convenience sake let us go through how to generate the gaming pin for your students:

Kahoot Login For Students/ Teachers

*Go to your address bar of your favourite browser and search for Kahoot. The very first link will be our official website.

*Get your self signed in as a teacher from the options presented in-front of you.

*Create your own quiz if you want with the help of the question mark.

*Now name your creation by giving it a title in the title text box.

*Click on the go button.

*Now you will be welcomed with the interface to create your own quiz questions.

*Go ahead and set the questions as per your wish.

*Next you need to give the students limited time to answer the questions so set the time limit of answering the questions.

*In order to let the app know which is the correct answer choose it among the four options.

*You will be able to see a save&continue button click on it

*This action will take you to the quick preview of the quiz you have just created.

*Now another great feature of Kahoot is that you have a lot of privacy settings to choose from. Fill in the tags to promote your quiz after making it public and add a description so that if somebody views your quiz they know the basic category of the quiz. You can even keep it private if you wish so.

Kahoot Login Page

*There is a button “play now” where you can test the quiz as if a student was playing it. Click on “Launch” to begin.

Gaming Pins: We have a gaming pin for each game to uniquely identify it from all the quizzes online in our database you can use that pin to get access to any quiz you desire without a hassle. Share your quiz’s pin so that it’s easily accessible by your audience.

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