Kahoot Questions – How To Ask The Questions Of A Kahoot

Kahoot Questions:

KAHOOT’S are multiple choice questionnaire generated by the user accessible by a web browser or KAHOOT app.

While creating Kahoot it is exciting to make questions to be asked with varieties and interesting. Asking intriguing and knowledgeable questions can help to attract players .

In this article you will learn how questions should be asked in a Kahoot:

How questions should be asked on Kahoot:


  1. Ask a question with four possible answers among which one should be correct. This type of question is asked when it is asked about some facts and this is the Classic format of the quiz.
  2. Ask a question with Multiple choice where one or two answers are correct and one or two are wrong this makes the question tricky and puzzled but may give the opportunity to everyone to win these type of questions can help as good conversation starter.
  3. Clear and easy to read statement should be asked with True/false or Yes/No.
  4. Ask a question with a part left of a sentence, called filled in the blank it is best to use while teaching grammar, logic and grammar .
  5. Ask a question supported with media may be picture or video to make question more engaging.
  6. Ask a question where problem solving is done through a picture .Elaborating and detailing can be made simpler by asking these types of questions.
  7. Ask a question where answering is to be done as graphics.
  8. Ask a question including you tube video to make students recognise the clip whether music , sound or song.
  9. Ask a question with an innovative method by gradually revealing the answer in animated GIF.
  10. Ask a question which have only first letter of answers in it’s option. This can be done to take up  the difficulty level of questions.
  11. Questions you are going to ask who should not be more than 120/characters and time ranges between 4 to 5 minutes.

Following types of Questions can be Asked:


  • Quiz kind:

    1. Quiz
    2. True of False
    3. Type answer
    4. Puzzle

  • Poll kind:

    1. Poll
    2. Word cloud

  • Content kind:

    1. Slide.

Asking right questions can only make Kahoot amazing. Following should be considered to make questions right for asking:

After doing some of the exploration  it’s time to think about the particular questions and answers. Look at the nicest kahoots and you’ll see that there’s enormous significance not in just asking questions, but in inquiring the right issues….

You might expect to speculate roughly including topics that:

1.Have several correct answers, prompting conversation or controversy

2. Enable you area gaps in your beginner’s proficiency so you can assign bit aside delayed to assist them construct their awareness.

3. Urge beginners to find out – and restore the rifts in their wisdom.

4. Assessment on what they’ve already understood

5. Instruct subtleties or scatter beliefs and myths.

6. Create learners’ enthusiasm in a particular topic.

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