What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a learning platform using ICT (Information Communication Technology) that can be used in any field, Hard to discern concepts can be effortlessly revised using Kahoot.

Kahoot allows both creating and using this application. Kahoot is a crucial and highly valued tool with visual effects.Kahoot is a perfect tool for creating quiz and surveys related to a particular topic. Kahoot is easy to use and develops critical thinking in users. It can be used by anyone and Kahoot is free of cost.


Kahoot is a commercial app registration is required for creating quiz but no registration is required for playing quiz. Kahoot is an online forum.

  • How to Use Kahoot:

    1. Getting started with Kahoot– create a free account using the link getkahoot.com. one of your own account can be created or you can search public games and quiz.

    2. Loving technology and competitive in nature– players can play the previous game against the Ghost which is new feature of Kahoot.

    3. Minimum Volume: if a user is a teacher then should play a calmer sound if kahoot’s music is too provocative for the students.

    4. Using results– Data should be used as a method for organizing and to grab.

    5. Assessment of students: if students are missing a topic or notion Kahoot works great for this.

Ways of using Kahoot

  • 1.Pre-made kahoots: you cannot convert the whole education program to digital in a single night. And why should you? firstly you should use what is already there. if you want to modify the Kahoot, use the 3 dots to copy the action.

    2.Self-paced challenges:
    click on Play and Create a test. Kahoot allows you to create a quiz or test that may take students a month to complete it. It works on a link or students can use IOS or mobile app.

    3.Share the link: click on COPY to copy the link and POST wherever you want to share information digitally with students. Google classrooms and Microsoft users can directly share to Kahoot.

    4.Live Kahoot: Teaching personally and online both are different concepts. Adding kahoots to your live session through video symposium is a great concept to use for increasing interactivity.

    5.Collaboration with other teachers: The best part of using Kahoot in online classes is that teachers are pulling themselves together and sharing concepts .

Thus, Kahoot is useful in every field where mastery in any topic is easily possible.

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